5 inch K Style Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Custom fabricated, hand cut mitres for a perfect fit every time
   The Best Gutters Start with the Best Aluminum (with Teflon® by DuPont)Cascade Creations NW offers 5 K seamless aluminum gutter in the industry standard thickness of .027 inch or, for a slightly higher price, we also offer gutter in .032 inch heavy duty grade aluminum. All of our continuous aluminum rain gutter systems are finished with Dura Coat XT-10from DuPont. This paint contains TEFLON® surface protector, an industry-leading improvement that ensures our gutters will look better, stay cleaner, and last longer than any other painted gutter.

Tests have shown that Dura Coat XT-10 with TEFLON® surface protector protects gutters and a home better than standard paint. Here’s why:
  • It’s harder and stronger, so it lasts longer and resists scratching.
  • The slippery surface repels dirt, which makes gutter cleaning as simple as aiming a hose. The surface also resists “tiger striping,” the dirty vertical streaks common to gutters.
  • The surface resists fading, salt and pollution.
  • Dura Coat XT-10 with TEFLON® surface protector performs better in hot climates where other paints fail. Even the inside of the gutter is coated with a wash coat of the same paint to keep the interior cleaner and improve water flow.

    Cascade Creations NW offers a wide variety of gutter colors in your choice of either aluminum or steel.

    We also offer copper gutter systems in 5 K style seamless or half round, for a traditional, elegant look.

    Follow this link to view a selection of our available aluminum gutter colors.

Hangtite Hidden Hangers

Hangtite Hidden Hangers from Raytek / Alcoa
   Hidden Hangers are simply the best way to install rain gutters. The Hangtite hidden hanger is self bracing at the points of greatest stress. Manufactured of heavy tempered aluminum, the channel-formed design makes it the strongest hanger of its type. Cascade Creations NW uses Raytec Hangtite hidden brackets for all standard installations. Some companies use nails or spike and ferrule, or the chaper and lighter duty ODE hangers, but we don't spare the expense or quality. Hangtite hidden hangers, secured with zinc plated screws holds on tight to 260 pull pounds.

Especially in the great North-West nails and spikes fail to hold up to changes in temerature and humidity, and work themselves free over time. We feel that it is better to doing thigs right the first time and are committed to giving our customer the very best in materials and craftsmanship. .

 For installations on buildings with metal roofs or where no fascia is present we use 2 inch screws.     

Hand Cut Mitres (Corners) for a Truly Craftsman Finish

Custom fabricated, hand cut mitres for a perfect fit every time
   Cascade Creations NW offers custom fabricated hand cut miters (corners) for the cleanest look possible. Even the more difficult compound or 'odd-ball' mitres, where the gutter intersection is both up and down as well as left to right, are no problem for us.  Most other gutter companies use mitre boxes or strips, which are simply no comparison to the true craftsman look of our hand cut mitres.

Half Round Gutters

Custom fabricated, hand cut mitres for a perfect fit every time
   For our customers who want a more traditional look to their gutters, we offer half round style gutters in your choice of copper, steel (in many colors), galvanized steel, or ZincAlume coated steel. (ZincAlume is a 55% aluminum zinc coating which has a life-span of up to 4 times that of traditional galvanized steel.)
Nothing beats the traditional elegance and beauty of half round copper rain gutters. Cascade Creations NW offers copper gutter and downspout in 5 and 6 inch half round as well as 5 K seamless copper rain gutters.
All of our half round gutters are made using pre-fabricated 20 foot lengths
LeafRelief gutter covers are also available for half round gutter.

Scupper Boxes and Custom Flashing

Custom fabricated, hand cut mitres for a perfect fit every time
   Cascade Creations NW also offers custom fabricated scupper boxes and flashing solutions to meet your needs. Whether custom cap flashing for parapet walls or the fabrication and installation of custom commercial gutter or scupper boxes. We have many made to order styles or we can help make your custom designs a reality.

Downspouts - 2x3 inch, 3x4 inch, and 3 inch Round

Custom fabricated, hand cut mitres for a perfect fit every time
   Offered in 2x3 inch, 3x4 inch, and 3 inch round, our downspouts are made from pre-manufactured 8 or 10 foot sections of aluminum (in the same colors offered as gutters), steel (offered in limited colors), ZincAlume, and copper. Downspouts are fastened to cleats using our 1/2 inch screws and then fastened to the trim or wall with the same 1 inch screws used in our gutter installations. Plastic anchors are inserted into pre-drilled holes for concrete or masonry walls. When the downspouts are not attached to an underground drainage system, a downspout elbow is typically left 2 to 6 inches above ground level or roof line.

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